What are YOU thinking!

“What are you thinking?”

I hate it when people ask me that. I hate it more than anything. Why? Because its none of your damn business. If I wanted you to know what I was thinking, I would be saying it. Not thinking it. Besides, I guarantee you do not want to know what I am thinking. My brain is a very scary place and I work very hard to filter it for everyone.

So, since everyone REALLY wants to know what I’m thinking: Welcome to my brain.


My cure for boredom: food.

It can be eating food, making food, reading about food, doodling food, watching food, talking about food or just thinking about food. I spend a lot of time thinking about food and planning out in detail how I am going to make something. I usually spend so much time thinking about food that I never get around to cooking.

I think I enjoy cooking food even more than I like to eat it (a lot of leftovers get wasted in my house.) I blame this partially on the roommates not taking full advantage of my obsessive cooking behavior.

My love for all things food absolutely comes from my mother. LAC blows my mind with the gourmet meals she can whip up in minutes. But she also balances that out with mac-n-cheese and take out. Just about everything I cook stems from something I saw her make or heard about her making.

This could stem from me desperately seeking my mother’s approval. Or not. I have no clue. All I know is I like food. But I don’t want to be a fatty. Which means I need to hit the “dance class” with Monster. Although, watching some blonde bombshell work her magic on a pole isn’t exactly the best way to build up self esteem. Maybe I can start with taking walks. Its easier to smoke while walking.

Random To Do List (in no particular order)
– Quit smoking
– Go to dance class
– Cook a turkey (dont ask)
– Read more books (real books, not the easy to read trash-fest novels found in DSL’s library)
– Pick one: DC or CA
– Clean out closet (literally not figuratively, its a mess)
– Find stable employment
– Buy obnoxiously sparkly sequined dress
– Wear obnoxiously sparkly sequined dress
– Save money for a rain day (rainy day = Monster’s b-day in Vegas)
– Explore new restaurants
– Be dedicated to this blog, unlike the last blog that I started…I cant even remember the title in order to find and update it
– Travel
– Go wine tasting
– Spend more time with the people I like, and less with the people I don’t like (you’d think this would be simple, but its not)

Simultaneously struck with boredom and the urge to do work.

Last night’s dinner: Turkey Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins.


By far the best meatballs EVER

Incredibly easy tomato sauce

I ❤ Zucchini


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