An Experiment in Crepery

I have become proficient in sweet crepes. I haven’t experimented with a lot of fillings because nutella is just too perfect to mess with. I’m also incredibly cocky because people say the first few crepes you make go in the trash. Is that the case with my crepes? No. They are all consistently perfect. I believe that this may be partially due to my awesome $7 non-stick pan from Bed Bath and Beyond. (I ran in to buy a coffee mug….and left with two new pans. I’m not allowed in that store.)

Yesterday, I decided I wanted to try out a savory crepe. I have seen various crepes containing cold cuts and other sandwich fillings at various crepe carts, but I wanted to try something different.

I am obviously obsessed with Smitten Kitchen, thanks to Monster, and every recipe I have tried has been wonderful. I had wanted to make her Mushroom Crepe Cake a while back when I hosted my last brunch, but was too intimidated by the crepe part to try it. Recipe Here:

Once I was good and motivated to make it, I left the office and headed for the grocery store. As I was on my way there, I was like, “Wait, grocery shopping? What am I thinking! No! Refusing!” I decided to go directly home (after a massive bus fiasco) and use things I already had in my pantry.

Things I ALWAYS have in my house: Butter, bacon and onions. So, that turned out to be my base.

Bacon + onion + butter = better than sex

Strangely, I had spinach in my fridge, so I hacked that up and added it to the butterbacononionsexiness.

I was about to add the gouda, and decided I should deglaze my pan, or something. I still dont really understand the concept of cooking with vermouth but I poured a decent amount in there.

Sidenote: whenever I use vermouth, the smell makes me think of escargot. I haven’t had escargot in YEARS, actually the last time was back in Jan of ’05 when my family was out here for the 2nd Bush Inauguration. We went to La Fourchette, which I keep trying to get Monster to go to with me. Anyways, in my mind I think of escargot. MOVING ON.

Once everything has simmered down a bit, I added the cubed (easier to melt, in my head) smoked gouda and parmesan.

smoked gouda is my new favorite.

Oh and there was some salt and pepper in there too. Oh and sage. I also put fresh sage in the crepe batter.

I’m getting really bored writing this so: I assembled it, broiled parm on top and then ate.

layer one. the more layers, the better!

I eat sideways.

The End



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