This is a very long post not related to anything specific.

I love, love, love, love cooking.

This weekend I cooked butter and sage stuffed chicken breast, nutella crepes, spinach and leek soup, roasted chicken (my first!!!), homemade chicken stock, and raspberry lava cakes.

The soup was great and is my favorite! Despite its deceiving ingredients, there is nothing remotely healthy about that soup. The butter…the butter and the heavy cream. Mmm.

MY VERY FIRST CHICKEN EVER: I must say it was a great success. I ripped out its innards and replaced them with onion and lemon. I crammed butter and garlic between the butter and the skin and then rubbed butter on the outside as well. Then I threw some stuff on there – LIKE MY NEW SMOKED PAPRIKA! It has a much more distinct smell and flavor. Clearly my palate is amateur, but it almost smells/tastes like….bacon?

After removing all of the meat, I tossed the carcass into a pot with onions and carrots. I have never made chicken stock before, but I must say that it turned out very nicely.

Now for the disappointing part: the raspberry lava cake. I hate it. Completely hated it. I should not have added the orange. I hate orange and chocolate together. It is quite likely the worst combination ever. The only good thing to come out of this was the almond whipped cream.

I have a lot of food in the house to due my embarrassing blackout at the commissary this weekend. I have no excuse to go shopping for at least a month. Despite my food binge, I don’t have any eggs. How do I not have any eggs in the house!? Now that I don’t have the option to eat eggs, not that I could possibly stuff any more food into my body, I am desperately craving a poached egg.

Lets talk about eggs… Its a very intense, irrational love-hate relationship that I have with them. Eggs are wonderful, versatile and the perfect, little protein-packed individually wrapped…marvelousness… Clearly, I didn’t have a complete thought in mind. Point is, they are great. It amazes me that the same thing that can be the star of a savory breakfast dish can also be key to creating delicious cakes, cookies, etc.

The downside of eggs: they are completely disgusting. An egg is one tiny sperm away from being a chicken (quail, duck, alligator, etc.). I hate how you can see the inside of the eggs. I hate how in scrambled eggs, the whites and the yolk aren’t completely combined. The worst is when you fry and egg and you accidentally dont cook the white all the way. Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew.

That being said, I still need to eat a poached egg. On top of fried polenta. With sausage and a lime-cilantro hollandaise. Clearly, I have an exact recipe in mind. I don’t really know how to make a lime-cilantro hollandaise sauce. Actually, that’s not true. Just make a regular hollandaise but use lime instead of lemon and add cilantro. I am so smart.

Anyways, when I had mentioned my obscene grocery splurge I meant to specify a few recipes I am planning on tackling / botching. We’ll see how it goes.

While shopping I felt the urge to pick up several types of squash: butternut and acorn. I have used butternut squash only once before to make butternut squash fries. My mother had suggested the recipe and I tried to tackle it. The butternut squash is a tough squash to…squash. But once again I am planning on cooking it, but I am not sure what to do yet. I feel like a soup would be the easy route, so I will be looking into other recipe options. Now, the acorn squash, I am exceptionally excited about. I saw a recipe for an acorn squash, Gorgonzola, and arugula pizza and will be making that this week.

I love eating prosciutto, but I have never actually purchased and cooked with it. THIS has all changed. I have prosciutto in my fridge and now I just need to decide what to wrap this delicious meat around. Maybe some chicken cutlets? Polenta? Lord knows I need to come up with creative ways to use that stuff up.

OH I BOUGHT TOFU! Anyone know what to do with tofu? Perhaps prosciutto wrapped tofu. Anyone?

Dinner tomorrow:

Lemon Chicken, fried polenta and roasted leeks.

Other ideas:

Tortellini with a tomato and chicken sauce

Breakfast for dinner! (assuming I have purchased eggs.)

Layered polenta

Im done. Will add photos tomorrow.



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