I hate sharing…

My food. I hate it and it makes me so angry when I HAVE to.

If I go to a restaurant and I order something. I want to eat it. I dont want to eat what you are eating, especially AFTER you have started eating it.

And after someone asks if I want to try their food, I hate that I am required to then offer them my food. ITS ON MY PLATE AND ITS MINE FUCK OFF!

This is why I hate to go to places that serve food family style. I just think its gross.

The other day I tried a sushi place with McP. I love Mcp, and we have been friends for a long time. But when she inevitably suggested that we split a couple rolls and pad thai dish, I immediately had that irritated feeling you get from hearing nails on a chalk board. I caved and allowed for the sharing.

Sharing is not caring. Its stupid.

Pictures from food stuff I did:

Candy Corn Cookies - made with lemon sugar cookie dough


This was my first roasted chicken, it was an absolute success!

Mini pumpkin pie with almond whipped cream - not bad but the crust was too flaky

Raspberry lavacake - Did. Not. Like. Too bitter, hated the orange

beignets from a box, not half bad at all. covered in powdered sugar and dipped in nutella.


3 thoughts on “I hate sharing…

  1. I know you don’t like sharing things but that didn’t connect in my brain to a dislike of sharing sushi!! I’m so sorry! Tell me next time!! ❤ ❤ ❤ McP

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