Some surprises are AWESOME!

Some of the words I use to describe food I look: simple, classic, clean, fresh

If something has the word “surprise” in it…Not gonna happen.

Momma McP sent me a recipe for “Nutella Surprise Cookies.” I was torn between my epic love for Nutella and my fear of being surprised while eating.

Being open-minded and adventurous, I decided to try them.

Here is a link to the original: I am a link!

That recipe is all wrong. All. Wrong. So I fixed it.

First off, too much chocolate. I love me some chocolate, but I am not about to let ANYTHING overshadow my Nutella (love you, Nutella!) Also, peanuts? Not gonna happen.

Now, I shall let the photos tell the story…..

Is there anything better than nutella and powder sugar? I used a loooot more nutella than the recipe

Roll into balls.

Do NOT forget to play with your food. Its a snake! Or poo, depending on your imagination capabilities.

Wrap the inside with the outside it's a good, darn, tootin!

Maybe unnecessary, but really - how often will I get to use my cleaver??

Roll in pecans (FAR superior to peanuts) and then SMASH


My friends are super cute.

And that is the end of that. These cookies were very, very tasty.



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