I haven’t blogged in…exactly three months. Here is a quick recap that will not be in chronological order, because my brain clearly does not work that way:

– Quit my temp job (which made me a lot sadder than I should have been.)

– Found a new temp job that just recently became permanent.

– I met someone.

– Ended things with that one guy.

– Started cooking again.

Pureed spinach and leek soup topped with a beet (<3) coulis.

– Started going out too much.


– Stopped going out all together.

– My parents came to visit for a long weekend.


– I stopped drinking cream in my coffee.

– Started trying to read AS again. Must learn how to sit still. MAN suggested skimming, which is logical, but since when do I do things the easy way?

– Bought the CUTEST butter yellow Dutch Oven. If I were one of those people who named inanimate objects, I would call her Daisy or Paula. Even without a name I love her.

This is what happened to the first one. I cried like a baby because thats how my mental stabilty rolls....?

– I got to watch JK purchase her very first “grown-up activity security devices.”

– Experienced absolute, drunken insanity at Monster’s bday gig – I have never had that much champagne.

– Signed up for Arganica which is a fantastic local/organic food delivery service. I can select the specific groceries I want or I can do I crate. The crate is a surprise and I LOVE SURPRISES!

– Cat had kittens and those kittens were given away as quickly as possible. (Even though I wanted to keep Sylvester and JK wanted to keep Snowball/Gibbs)

Snowball ❤

I'll never forget you ❤

– Its the 12th and I haven’t paid rent because I haven’t been paid in…3 weeks. Friday’s paycheck is going to feel so good.

– I’m pretty sure I gained obscene amounts of weight from last week – the alcohol consumption, hangover foods, fancy parent-dinners. I need to figure out a detox.

– The weather has been a bi-polar bitch. It will go from absolutely freezing (usually on the weekends) to gorgeous, sunny and temperate (usually during the work week). I just need Spring to hold still for a few moments.

– I have gotten [insert mathematically derived # here]% more BFF time this semester than last. I think this has been a fairly good balance and we both do better when we have our own space.

– My hair is getting longer AND I have learned how to curl it with curlers without creating psycho, Shirley Temple hair which is the opposite of becoming on me.


– Made new friends!

– Decided to participate in Lent, mostly because I am a glutton for punishment. I am NO more productive after giving up Netflix On Demand. And Diet Coke? Have you met Diet Dr. Pepper? Yeah. The only reason I haven’t cheated with Netflix is because SOMEONE changed my password (at my request, but whatever, not the point).

– I miss that girl in Africa, a lot.

– Purchased “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and have made exactly 2 dishes from it. $40 well spent? Oh yes, because I have read the entire thing. (what does a nerd alert sound like?)


– Both of my bosses are absolutely fantastic. I got really lucky with the two of them and I hope to learn a lot during my time here.

– Braised pearl onions amazing

– Learned that I love coconut cream pie.

– Learned that I am capable of conversing, intelligently, on the telephone for long periods of time – I just have to actually like the person I am on the phone with.

– It gets darker later which means I can take naps!


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