It’s Friday and life is NOT awful.

When things suck, I generally don’t want to do anything.  Things were pretty sucky for a while there – lack of money, impending homelessness, etc. This lead to somehow picking up my smoking habit again.

BUT – I have a place to live and I am getting my shit in order. I will be living in a less than desirable location, but it’s cheap and I get to keep Cat. She doesn’t even realize how close she was to getting the boot.

I just spent an incredible weekend in California and I am already eager to go back. Usually, trips home are exhausting and mentally draining. This trip was strictly for fun – no family, no seeing people I didn’t want to see and no stressful coordinating of friends’ schedules.

I spent the day/night in San Francisco and it was absolutely gorgeous. After my brief time there I would definitely consider living in SF.

My wedding date took me to my first Giants game which was AWESOME!

Yeah, I like baseball now - I even downloaded an app!

After SF, we drove to Sonoma to attend my friend’s wedding. Sonoma was gorgeous, the weather was gorgeous, my date was gorgeous, the bride was gorgeous – All of it was just lovely.

Despite desperately trying to think of a way to get out of going to CA for the wedding, I am so happy I was able to do it!

See how happy???

Now that the fun is over, I’ve caught up on sleep and secured a place to live – I have to start packing and preparing for the move. Not. Excited.


I want to eat you all the time 😦







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