Do they have peaches in Rwanda?

No, they do not apparently. CJP informed of this tragedy today and my heart truly went out to her – peaches are easily in my top 3 favorite fruits. She also informed me that her only fruit options are bananas, mangoes and passion fruits. I really don’t think she should be complaining too much because that sounds like the best damn smoothie EVER. Speaking of, now that it’s summertime again, I will be breaking out my blender and smoothie cup. I fucking love smoothies. I also love CJP.

Moving is generally a long, painstaking process that responsible and mature adults start preparing for in advance. Time and time again, I prove myself to be the opposite of a responsible and mature adult. Maybe 23 will be my year. All that being said….I’m not packed. Well, not true, I am less packed than I should be at this point. I packed up all of my kitchen stuff and food and cleaned out the fridge/freezer (really, really not fun.)

Because it was 10:30pm by that time and because I am a big fat baby, I decided to just call it a night. My logic, “If I go to sleep now, I will be well rested so I can pull an all nighter tomorrow!” Sometimes I give myself the lamest excuses for procrastinating…but they seem to work on me, so who’s to blame? (Hint: not me.)

Now, due to the fact that I have completely refused to plan ahead, I will  be pulling an all nighter to get this done. Yayyyy.

Best news of the day/week/month/ALL TIME: I found the name of the jerky that has been haunting my dreams. I was also able to order it online. My excitement level is really hard to sum up in words, all I can say is this jerky is all I have been able to think about since I tried it on Saturday. I’ve always enjoyed jerky, its tasty and salty and just a generally pleasant snack to have.  But this jerky – Mingua Jerky, btw – is beyond anything else I have ever tasted. It was like I got blooped by delicious fire.

This is crap and not spicy and not even worth my time to rotate.

Completely hooked. It’s like the episode on IASIP where Dee and Charlie eat “human” meat and then they have The Hunger and nothing else satisfies them. Only, I dont actually have worms, I just really need this jerky.


Let’s talk. About. Cake.

I need it. Not necessarily to eat it, but I need to create it. I want to make something beautiful and breathtaking from simple ingredients. During my downtime, I read a lot of food blogs, especially ones pertaining to confectionery orgasms.

All week long, I have been itching to bake a cake, but the whole “moving” thing has really put a damper on that plan. Once I get settled, I am going to spend more time caking and less time not caking.

IMPORTANT: When is the next birthday, holiday, excuse to make a cake? I need one, please feel free to throw out suggestions.




One thought on “Do they have peaches in Rwanda?

  1. I love how you left out how you harassed my boyfriend and his roommate about this jerky using shocking emails until you found your answer. And bought 3 other types.

    Also, I want to go to Rwanda to make that smoothie.

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