Someday, I WILL reproduce – ya’ll need to start getting ready

……….is it wrong that i totally love the babikini?

me:  it makes me want to call you mean names
personally, I find it ADORABLE and my future offspring shall have several

Mcp:  but wook at the widdle babyyyyyy
she’s so cuuuuute in her wittle babikiniiii

me:  BUT YOU, Hippocrite McFace, dont like cutesy baby things
like tutus.

Mcp:  huh?!
that’s totally different

me:  (hippocrite mcface is my attempt at super mean names for you)

Mcp:  hahhahahhahaahhahahahahaa

me:  (note the usage of “hippo” and the way the reader is now drawn to YOUR FACE)
its not all that different
what the hell is your skankbaby going to wear over her babikini???

Mcp:  i don’t have a problem wtih a a baby in a tutu like..occasionally
but tutus are not everyday wear
they should be worn very infrequently

me:  Mine will most certainly be preserving her mosdesty with a tutu

Mcp:  a tutu at the beach?!
wtf is wrong with you
my little thunderthighs hottie will be putting tanning oil on and playing beach volleyball
at the tender age of 3 monthso r so

me:  visual.
we really, really need to make sure that we coordinate baby making

Mcp:  hahaahahahahaha

me:  so our babyskanks can slut it up on the beach

Mcp:  omg i can’t wait
but seriously, tutu, on the beahc..retarded
tutus belong in dance studios
not on the beach

me:  whatever, miniskank with ROCK it



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