I have a funny relationship with Fun

Usually, I prefer to avoid fun. It’s safer that way. No hangovers, no bruises, no lost (or maxed out) debit cards, loss of dignity or lack of sleep. I like my weekends to maintain a quiet calm to them, filled with junk food, TV marathons and sleep.

Things this past weekend include: More fun than I have had in a longfreakingtime, excessive $2 beers, new friends, dancing, old friends, super serious hangover, more drinking, tattoos, good food, late-night sightseeing and 5am McDonalds.

It was the best weekend ever. EVER.

Pictures of things and stuff:



and painful


the greatest cake ever

This was the most amazing cake in the whole wide world. The 9 sticks of butter really helped!

Pulled pork tacos - crock pot pork with 1 can of dr pepper and 1 can of chipotles - it burned very nicely!

Ridiculously easy pulled pork

Into the crock pot goes:


Dr. Pepper

1/2 a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

8 hours of low heat later – spicy pulled pork

I should have more weekends with things like this and few weekends with permanent impulse decisions!

Lying at the base of the washington monument was extremely relaxing. The hair tie about 20 feet up was distracting though - how did it get there??

Light everything on fire!!!

The best holidays involve burning things. And booze.

Well, now that the weekend is over, I am broke and my TATTOO hurts. It feels like someone punched my hip REALLY hard and then I got a 3rd degree sunburn on top of the bruise. It doesnt feel good now and it didnt feel good getting it.

I’m thinking…..maybe this fall I could get some more? Perfect idea!




One thought on “I have a funny relationship with Fun

  1. YEAH WHATEVER. If it’s Friday, it’s the BL!!! But not this Friday cause A. I’m sick and B. I have a HH for a co-worker’s last day. BUT NEXT FRIDAY!!! THEY ARE PLAYING OUR JAMS!!!

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