Birthday Cakes

No lemons were harmed in the making of this cake (That was a lie)

I love birthday cakes. It’s the one time a year you can pick whatever ridiculous concoction of cake and fillings and frosting. You may have your cake at eat it too!

Today is BFF’s (McP) birthday, so I would like to feature the cake I made for her. It was lemony and tart and just all around delicious.

The cake is just a basic lemon cake with blueberries – blueberries definitely sink while baking. I made lemon curd for the filling (Martha ❤) which was my favorite part of the cake. I may or may not be sneaking spoonfuls of the leftover curd frequently. (Hint: I am.) This was all topped with a lemon buttercream.

Things I have learned:

I am not awesome at decorating cakes. The top of the cake was pretty enough, but I think the buttercream got too warm while I was piping the bottom. It wouldn’t hold its shape and just looked globby. Gross, but whatever, I’m not a professional.

Being awesome.

I still dont like frosting. Other than the vanilla bean swiss meringue butter cream (SMBC) I made this summer and a few chocolate frostings, I am just not a fan. They are always too sweet, fluffy and….sweet.  I am that weirdo that eats the cake part out of a slice of cake leaving 98% of the frosting behind. (I also scrape frosting off my cupcakes before eating them.)

Frozen cakes transport really really well. It makes them so easy to assemble and frost if they arent falling apart on you. Highly recommend baking them the night before they are needed.

My oven is a bitch. My cakes were unevenly cooked, again. Thankfully I caught them before they got too brown. It’s an older over but there has to be something online about how to calibrate it. The internet has EVERYTHING.

I need a better way to transport cakes. I know that I wont always be able to assemble them at my destination, so I need to look into cake carrying cases. Any suggestions?

I love cakes. I love when they come out pretty. And I love when I can make someone happy with just a few simple ingredients.

Would anyone like a cake?



My safeway has a poor produce selection - hence the meager amount of blueberries


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