Oh weird, I made another cake…

I have a confession to make – I am entirely obsessed with food blogs.  Since my Fridays are usually incredibly slow, they are my dedicated food-blog-binge day.  There are about 20 food blogs that I follow religiously.  Some are funny, some have beautiful food photos and some have recipes that blow me away. One of my all time favorites is this lady: this is her.  I have tried a few of her cake recipes and they have all been delicious and artery-clogging!

The above photo was sort of this.  I already had a chocolate cake recipe that I really liked, so really I just copied her frosting.

Before her blog, I just assumed that 98% of all frosting was just gross.  I know, I am weird and I am probably the only person who hates frosting with such a passion. You’d think I would be all over anything made with that much butter and sugar, but no, it offends me.  The few times I’ve shelled out ridiculous amounts of money for the trendy, it-cupcakes in DC, I was not only disappointed with the overall quality but I also just scraped off the entire mountain of frosting.  Who actually eats that much frosting?  Disgusting.  Anyway, my obsession with this blog is what lead me to Swiss Meringue Buttercream (SMBC).  I honestly had no idea that frosting could be so delicious.  Granted, there is a lot more time and effort that goes into this than quickly mixing up some butter and powdered sugar, but maybe it’s that extra effort that makes it so wonderful.


Chocolate is wonderful. As a female, I am wired to love it, crave it, need it.  Regular cocoa is neat and tasty, but extra dark cocoa powder is just sinfully delicious.  As you can see from the above photo I was desperate to get some of that in my mouth (which is why the finished cake only had 2 layers instead of 3 – sorry y’all).  God I love cake.


I’m concerned that I’ve set the bar too high for myself.  As the designated dessert-bringing for my Sunday night dinner group, I under-achieved with cinnamon roll cupcakes, blondie bars (apparently known as woolyboogers to Southerners and weirdos) and other simple, minimal-effort goodies.  I certainly hope they don’t start expecting me to bring them fancy cakes every week.  It’s too much commitment.


Please note that my frosting is not as pretty as the original poster’s because I roughly chopped my strawberries – I would recommend pureeing for a prettier, smoother finish.  I also forgot my pink food coloring at home that day, oops.

I suppose all that matters is it was delicious, they loved it and I was given the love and attention I so desperately crave.

Cake. ❤





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