[Insert something witty, funny and perhaps inspirational here]

I write myself these little shopping lists while I am at work.  Ten times out of ten I forget them on my desk.  Which means that tonight I will probably forget the flour (seriously, I’ve forgotten it no less than 6 times) and buy bologna instead of bacon. ‘Cause my brain is special.  I will also probably forget that I really, REALLY want to make macaroni and cheese tonight. Frozen burritos may be in my near future.

I bought a pumpkin. I wanted to eat the pumpkin seeds, so I did. But then I felt kinda bad about my maimed pumpkin so I hacked at it and threw it outside. Yay! holidays!

I was THISCLOSE to walking precincts a couple weekends ago, unfortunately (supersadface), the plans fell through.  I made cookies in preparation for the trip and then just gave them to my office.  This was my first time playing with fondant – I LOVED IT! I am ready to cover a cake with it!

You may or may not know that I spend a lot of time dicking around on the internet. I have to do it. I need it. During one of my internet nonsense binges, I saw a thing on roasted pears. I thought “Holy crap! I want to eat that! Now!” I didn’t stop to consider that I couldn’t remember the last time I had actually eaten a pear AND I hate caramel (and caramel happens when sugar and water hang out at high temperatures.) I was undeterred (being oblivious to reality really helps with that). There was butter and sugar and vanilla – all good things.  Anyways, long story short – it was disgusting.  My roommate loved it. Things I confirmed with that experiment: I’m not into pears and I still hate caramel. I’m not putting a recipe cause I’m still bitter about it.


Puscifer is going to be in town in 26 days! Now, the $200 concert ticket may have been a tiny bit irresponsible, but it came with a wine tasting. It would be foolish to not go. FOOLISH.




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