The worst pain I have ever felt.

I take a lot of precautions to avoid hurting myself because I am a wimpy little princess.  The kitchen is the only place that seems to not care that I am super sensitive.  I don’t mind the nicks, cuts, singes, etc because whatever I’m making is usually worth it.  Although, that one time I nearly julienned my finger on my new mandolin was pretty brutal.

Sunday, I got to experience a whole new level of pain – YAY!  Melted sugar.  (back story: I keep most of my baking supplies in the freezer because Ants.)  I took out my brown sugar and popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds.  I opened the door and grabbed the bag out.  I blame the microwave entirely for this, because it shouldnt have had this reaction – the bottom of the bag had melted and the sugar had liquified.  Being the generally obvious ditz that I am, I didn’t notice this until the molten sugar oozed out of the bag and onto my hand.  We’re going to slow this down:

Seconds 1 – 5: Stare at hand/bag blankly….wtf?

Seconds 6-7: Scream absolute bloody murder

Seconds 8-9: Fling bag across kitchen, stare at hand – do not stop screaming

Seconds 10-11: Run to sink and run hand under water, whimper loudly.

I put my hand in a bowl of cold water and then took the most logical step – I called mommy.

This is my hand right after the incident:

I iced it for over and hour, but it still hurt HORRIBLY.

And then…..this son of a bitch started to form:

Annnnnd here’s my new little friend fully grown:

It’s gross and I can’t bend my middle finger at all (mostly for fear of breakage/ooze).

After the incident I decided to look at the internet to see if there was anyone else as retarded as myself.  People burn themselves on sugar ALL THE TIME.

Because I can sit and google things for hours, my searches turned to croquembouche (A tower of pastry heaven glued and topped with melted sugar).  I think I should conquer my new fear of sugar by making one of these beasts. You know, when my hand heals.

The picture at the top is what I was making when the incident occurred. Crockpot BBQ pulled pork on pumpkin dinner rolls.


This post has been sitting here for about a week and a half.  The blister went away and my wound was bright red and deathly looking:

^^^Not pictured: How much it fucking hurt.

Its kinda scabby and gross right now. I better have a neat scar after all of this.




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