Breathing stresses me out right now

I’m, like, super stressed out.

I have no less that 1 billion things on my to do list – my work to do list that is, my personal to do list is 60% laundry – that needs to be done before I go on “vacation” next week.

Am I the only one who stresses out about vacation? I’m NOT RELAXED! My neat and organized Excel travel itinerary is full of GLARING GAPS AND HOLES AND UNKNOWNS because I am traveling with normal, non-anal people which stresses me out even more. Because I don’t really want people to know how weird I am.

Anyway, my to do list is doing that thing where it should be getting smaller but isn’t. For every item I cross off, there are at least two more added. Where are they coming from!? THIS IS TOO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY!

Also, I wish my title was a joke but it’s totally not. I know I’ve hit a special level of stressed when I become panicked that I might forget to breath and die. This was also probably a bad week to pick up my coffee habit again. The last thing that I need is more energy. I should probably be on meds but going to a doctor stresses me out too.

I’m just going to cover up my to do lists and read some celebrity gossip.

Oh, and wine. I’ll pick up some wine on my way home tonight. Genius.




ps. There are no photos because for the last two weeks -in an attempt to not spend money/eat food- I have been binging  on Gossip Girl and other embarrassing netflix choices.

Wait, that’s a lie. Here’s some pie:

The crust made me cry. I’m not trying to rhyme on purpose, in fact it’s really annoying. My mom used to make us play the “rhyming game” because she thought she was hilarious with her little rhymes. ARGH IM SO WEIRD BECAUSE OF HER! Love you, mom.



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