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I’m a sad, sad vegan :(

Since I am trying to vegan my way to skinny (and it’s totally working, btdubs), I haven’t been making many butter-laden delicacies. My diet consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables and then some more fruits and vegetables AND THEN just when I think I am going to die of healthy sadness, I treat myself to chipotle since it’s technically vegan.

I only have to deal with this for this many more:

15 days
378 hours
22717 minutes
1363028 seconds

Since I don’t drink and I don’t eat fun food my life is pretty dull. Unless you consider spending an entire weekend watching Gossip Girl AWESOME, in which case my life is totally freaking awesome.

For Easter, this happened: http://www.joyofbaking.com/FruitTart.html

It was my first fruit tart so I didn’t get fancy with it. I also made it at 7am on a Sunday so it’s impressive that I actually completed it. I thought it was lovely. Next time I’m thinking a lemon custard instead of pastry cream.

OH! OH! OH! Last night I went to see the All American Rejects, I re-love them just as much as I did in high school. It was a really fun show…even though my friend and I were significantly older than everyone there. As in, we didn’t get dropped off/picked up by Mom and Dad…

I ❤ you Tyson Ritter and I would gladly have your babies.

Speaking of people I love…

BFF and I are going to see Aziz Ansari in June! So…in two months when I can’t find my ticket…this is proof that I had it. 

Lastly, I love it when my mother sends me a box full of random things she doesn’t want any more.

That’s about all folks. I’m just going to spend the next two weeks sad and hungry. Lick some butter for me?